The Lion and Harp Bed & Breakfast


Hosts Janet & Thomas McBrien

The house has an unusual history. It was built by Mr. Joseph Meyer, a prominent local businessman in 1890. Originally located at 619 30th Avenue and Harris Street in the city, the house had been boarded up and empty for nearly 30 years when Mr. and Mrs Joseph Yarbrough purchased it in the mid 1970s.

The home was disassembled, relocated to the present site and reconstructed. Its now located on ten partially landscaped, but mostly wooded acres of Mississippi countryside in the northwest area of Meridian. The task was completed in 1975.

In the mid 1980s, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holland purchased the home for their catering business. They called it “Hamilton Hall,” and used the house for hosting dinners and receptions. In 1996, the Bill Rein family purchased the B&B, renamed it “Oak Knoll” and made important upgrades.

Janet McBrien, of English ancestry (Lion) from Derby in the United Kingdom and Thomas McBrien, a New Yorker of Irish ancestry (Harp) became the current B&B owners on September 1st, 2000. Janet brings a touch of England to this old southern home with her British accent, British recipes, and collection of fine British china. Landscaping is Tom’s specialty, and as spring arrives, you will see a bit of Ireland appear in the gardens.

  • Person Janet McBrien
  • Address 4432 State Boulevard
    Meridian, MS 39307

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